Professor Catherine Brekus

Salem, 1692

March 18, 2021
HDS Professor Catherine Brekus discusses the Salem Witch Hunt and talks about what leads a close-knit community to turn against each other—and draws some uncomfortable parallels with our own moment, from conspiracy theories to the demonization of opponents, especially women.
MTS candidate Rebecca J. Nunziato holding her cat

A Crash Course in Decolonizing—From an RV

March 11, 2021
When Rebecca J. Nunziato—the creator behind the “Decolonize Everything” podcast and a first-year graduate student at the Harvard Divinity School—thought about living in a recreational vehicle, she envisioned it would progress naturally from her growing interests in leading a nomadic lifestyle.
Professor David Carrasco

The Mexican Angels in the Attic

March 11, 2021
In a new essay, Professor Davíd Carrasco tells the story of his personal and academic encounters with religion and spirituality.