Video: The Comparative Study of the Abrahamic Religions

September 26, 2018

How is the comparative scholarship on Judaism, Christianity, and Islam possible? What are its presuppositions, and what does it entail? How can the history of religions help interfaith understanding? These are some of the questions this lecture addresses.

Charles Stang, HDS professor and CSWR director

Charlie Stang on Keeping the Faith

August 17, 2018
Professor Charlie Stang, director of the Center for the Study of World Religions, talks about how he formed his Christian identity, discovering his love of Ashkenazi food, and the challenge of finding good babka in Israel.
A sixteenth-century illustration of the Ramban Synagogue in Jerusalem. ART Collection / Alamy Stock Photo

The Contrast Between the Bible's Idea of History and the Modern Idea

August 15, 2018
Given its practical goal, its theological purposes, and its lack of accountability to external data of the sort in which archaeologists trade, biblical historiography has a malleability that many modern readers find difficult to approve, writes Professor Jon Levenson.
Juliana Cohen

Humans of HDS: Revelation and Awakening

August 2, 2018
“A few months after my daughter was born, we moved to Colombia. My plan was to work part time, to take advantage of having my family around to help out with my daughter. But rather than working for pay, I ended up doing volunteer work. That year in Colombia informed and shaped the experience I would eventually have at HDS.”—Juliana Cohen, MDiv ’19... Read more about Humans of HDS: Revelation and Awakening
Quiz: Passover and Easter

Quiz: Passover and Easter

March 28, 2018

What does the Hebrew word Seder mean? What group performs the Passover sacrifice even to this day? What does Lent commemorate?

Test your knowledge of the traditions and origins of two major religious holidays with an HDS quiz on Passover and Easter. 

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