Harvard History

Professor Mark Jordan

Recalling the ‘Brave Spaces’ for LGBTQ+ History Month

October 27, 2020

Believing that a month should be dedicated to the celebration and teaching of gay and lesbian history, Rodney Wilson, a Missouri high school teacher, gathered other educators and community leaders to discuss the issue in 1994. The group selected October as LGBTQ+ History Month because public schools are in session and traditions, including Coming Out Day, occur that month.... Read more about Recalling the ‘Brave Spaces’ for LGBTQ+ History Month

J.Y. Lee

A History of God at Harvard

January 28, 2020
Offered as a prayer to his “first years,” proctor and MDiv candidate J.Y. Lee ponders the ways that God has shown up throughout Harvard's history.
Francis X. Clooney

Enlightenment Here

March 29, 2018
"Enlightenment is all the brighter on the more richly diverse common ground where we meet every kind of believer and non-believer," writes Professor Frank Clooney in a rebuttle to Steven Pinker's new book Enlightenment Now.
Bicentennial banner

The New Gods: Reforging Harvard Divinity School

February 16, 2017

As HDS enters its bicentennial year, there is an increasing representation of world religions at the School, which has fostered new communities and directions for alumni.

Stephen Shoemaker. Photo: Harvard Gazette

Harvard's Religious Past

October 24, 2016

Stephen Shoemaker, a lecturer on the study of religion, said it is common for his students to be surprised by the significance of religion in the evolution of Harvard, and he believes part of his mission is to raise that awareness.