Stephanie Spellers

The Revolutionary

January 2, 2018

Stephanie Spellers, MTS ’96, jumped enthusiastically into the culture wars raging on Wake Forest’s campus in the early 1990s. An African American woman at a southern school that had only recently begun to admit significant numbers of minority students, Spellers frequently found herself at odds with her classmates. When she and Wake’s small group of college Democrats gathered on the campus quad to celebrate Bill Clinton’s victory in the 1992 presidential election, they soon found themselves surrounded by an angry mob.... Read more about The Revolutionary

Building a 'Circle of Care'

Building a 'Circle of Care'

September 27, 2012

It happened by chance. Liz Steinhauser, MDiv '96, was going for an afternoon walk in Boston's South End nearly 10 years ago when she saw Tim Crellin, also MDiv '96, standing on the sidewalk outside St. Stephen's Episcopal Church, where Crellin was (and still is) the vicar.... Read more about Building a 'Circle of Care'