Dudley Rose

Dudley Rose

Examining "Righteous Anger"

July 19, 2017

Dudley Rose, associate dean for ministry studies, discusses anger in the Bible and why claiming "righteous anger" can be dangerous.

Associate Dean Dudley Rose, center, at a panel on religious freedom. Photo: Jon Chase, Harvard Staff Photographer

Fraught Moment for Religious Freedom

February 1, 2017

Those who cherish the nation’s tradition of religious freedom should be alarmed by President Trump’s executive order temporarily banning immigration from seven Muslim-majority countries and all refugees, two Harvard Divinity School faculty members warned.

Dudley Rose

Promoting Religious Literacy in a Digital Age

August 18, 2016


The Pamphlet is a new podcast devoted to the surprising history of Unitarian Universalism, including its connections to pirates in the colonial era and to Communist spies in the 1950s. HDS alumnus Sean Neil-Barron, MDiv ’15, who cocreated the podcast, says its title points back to the cheaply printed tracts that helped spread religious viewpoints to the masses, often generating spirited rebuttals in the process.... Read more about Promoting Religious Literacy in a Digital Age