Steven Fisher, MDiv '21

Humans of HDS: Forming Identity, Finding Belonging

April 7, 2021

“I had one interaction with a patient who had trouble talking and had to communicate by writing on notebook paper. And as she struggled to write, she told me that she was preparing to be her husband’s co-caretaker now that they were both in a place of poor health. As a chaplain, to receive that note and see the love that was poured into it was beautiful. That is what ‘holy’ is. I still carry that specific note with me, almost as one would a prayer card,” says Steven Fisher, MDiv '21.... Read more about Humans of HDS: Forming Identity, Finding Belonging

Seonjoon Young

Learning by Heart

April 28, 2020
Seonjoon Young’s diverse career has taken her all over the world. After college, Young, MDiv '17, entered a Buddhist nunnery in South Korea before pursuing a master’s degree at HDS. While working as a chaplain, she fell in love with teaching and has now moved back to her home state of Colorado to practice and advance trauma-informed education full time.
MDiv candidate Shane Snowdon

Didn't See That Coming

March 6, 2019

MDiv candidate Shane Snowdon recounts her shattering experience of hitting and killing an 18-year-old on a California highway. The incident has led her to devote her time to developing a “crash ministry” that includes trying to foster reconciliation, as possible, between drivers and the loved ones of those who have died.