Julia Hintlian, MTS ′18 and Harvard PhD Candidate

Humans of HDS: Formations of My Identity

September 24, 2019

“I’ve spent time in the Republic of Armenia, and in ‘Western Armenia’ (now Eastern Turkey). A lot of our churches have been desecrated and destroyed, and those of us who are fortunate to survive have a responsibility not only to know what we’ve lost, but to know that what we have inherited is valuable.”—Julia Hintlian, MTS ′18 and Harvard PhD Candidate... Read more about Humans of HDS: Formations of My Identity

Carlyle Stewart, MDiv candidate

Humans of HDS: My Life's Calling

July 17, 2019

"I know that the people in that church are praying for me all the time—even when I was sick and lost and messing up, doing dumb stuff, there was somebody praying for me. I think, to be able to dedicate my life to those people, there is no greater honor than that."—Carlyle Stewart, MDiv '20

Jean Vanier

Jean Vanier: The Broken and the Oppressed

May 7, 2019

On November 6, 1988, the Catholic philosopher, theologian, and humanitarian Jean Vanier delivered Harvard Divinity School’s inaugural Harold M. Wit Lecture on Living a Spiritual Life in a Contemporary Age. His topic for the first of two talks was “The Broken and the Oppressed.”

Vanier’s lectures became the basis for one of his best loved books, From Brokenness to Community. Following are some excerpts from his address, reprinted from the Harvard Gazette.... Read more about Jean Vanier: The Broken and the Oppressed

11 people were killed in a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue in October 2018

Podcast: Why Hate Crimes Are on the Rise

April 23, 2019

Hate crimes committed on the basis of religious identity have surged 23 percent, the biggest annual increase since 9/11.

And while many have placed blame at the foot of political leaders and specifically President Trump for emboldening anti-Semites and white supremacists—very fine people, he’s called them—there’s another, equally troubling side to the story—one that calls into question the validity of the FBI’s own hate crime statistics and gives us more questions than answers.... Read more about Podcast: Why Hate Crimes Are on the Rise