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Stephanie Paulsell

Stephanie Paulsell On Pilgrimage

August 30, 2019
"My first job in ministry was in a university church, and I love the reach of these places, the connections they can create between their universities and the world around them, and the unique forms of learning they offer," writes HDS Professor Stephanie Paulsell, Interim Pusey Minister in the Memorial Church.
Stephanie Paulsell

Paulsell Named Interim Pusey Minister

August 20, 2019

HDS Professor Stephanie Paulsell, who has been an affiliated minister at Memorial Church for the past seven years, has been named interim Pusey Minister.

Ronald Thiemann

Yeager Reviews Thiemann's The Humble Sublime

August 20, 2019
Georgetown University Professor Diane Yeager reviews the late Bussey Professor of Theology and former dean of Harvard Divinity School Ronald F. Thiemann's The Humble Sublime.
Professor Frank Clooney

Around the World in 21 Days

August 9, 2019
Professor Francis Clooney just completed an around-the-world trip in three weeks. "In all these sites, my task—and the rationale for the whole trip—was interfaith learning. Specifically, I wished to highlight the need to deepen dialogue by sustained, reflective study," he writes.
Anne Monius

Remembering Anne Monius, Distinguished Scholar and Dedicated Mentor

August 5, 2019

Anne E. Monius, Professor of South Asian Religions, passed away on August 3, 2019, at the age of 54. She died of natural causes. 

A distinguished scholar and engaging teacher, Monius taught for 17 years at Harvard Divinity School, where she specialized in the religious traditions of India. Her research examined the practices and products of literary culture to reconstruct the history of religions in South Asia. ... Read more about Remembering Anne Monius, Distinguished Scholar and Dedicated Mentor